Map of Seville

bar de tapas centro de sevilla

Our tapas bar in Seville is very close to the city’s main monuments: the Alcázar, the Cathedral, the Giralda, The Archivo de Indias, and Pilatos House. If you want to know where they are, download this map of Seville!

Fun in Seville

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This fun route of Sevilla has been created with the children in mind. We hope you are prepared to travel 3.5 kms and discover an entertaining Seville, especially for the kids, it is an unusual Seville.

Seville by bicycle

ruta en bici por sevilla

Discover Sevilla while riding a bicycle is a great experience that you can enjoy by taking the “Sevilla by Bike ” route. We propose routes so you can discover the most unique buildings, the most important monuments, and the beauty of the parks and gardens of Seville.

Baroque Seville

sevilla barroca
 To discover Baroque Seville we must move to the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, where the city continues its urban renewal in the sixteenth century and it lives great artistic splendor , which is driven primarily from religious fervor. You can see the Baroque art in sculptures, paintings and architecture of many buildings in the city.

Semana Santa

Bar de tapas en el centro de sevilla

Due to our location, at Bar Carmela we witness the passage of several Brotherhoods of the Holy Week. When this happen’s something magical occurs! Want to know which ones go through our tapas bar? Come on!

Myths and Legends

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This route of Myths and Leyends is for those who dare everything. It is a 3 km walk. The adventure begins at sunset at the Plaza de San Laureano, because at this time, our city becomes more mysterious.

Roman and Classical Seville

sevilla romana

Sevilla, called Híspalis by the Romans, played an important role in the history of Rome for centuries. It was in 206 A.C. , when Roman troops entered our territory where they founded Italica, city that gave birth to great emperors such as Hadrian and Trajan. Visit the ruins of Italica!

Route through Triana


Triana is a neighborhood in Seville, cradle of bullfighters , singers , painters , potters , sailors …Triana discovers itself before those who visit it with the brightness and light that characterizes it. It is a neighborhood where the coexistence between Moors and Gypsies , and permanent immigration and emigration of seafarers , eventually set up a personality. We encourage you to take this route through Triana!

Sevilla`s Fair

feria de sevilla

The April Fair or Feria de Sevilla are a set of stalls and attractions that are installed at the fairgrounds in the district of Los Remedios. It takes place one or two weeks after Easter, at the same time with the bullfights at the Plaza de la Maestranza.

Hidden Seville

bar de tapas centro de sevilla

Download this map for routes of the hidden Sevilla and have a fantastic and original experience. Explore the most secret places of the city , a trip for the whole family ,(3 kms). Do you dare to live this adventure? Go for it!

Renaissance in Seville S. XVI

catedral de sevilla. sevilla renacentista

In the sixteenth century, Seville acquired a key role when it was designated as the port and gateway to the New World. Since 1503, the city was granted the monopoly of trade with the new continent. The Cathedral of the city must be visited, is incredible! General admission price: 9 euros.

Free Tour

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The great Free Tour Seville. You don’t know what to see in Sevilla? Thousands of stories and mysteries are enclosed in the Monuments of Seville. This tour offers a fun and entertaining route through Seville´s most iconic buildings.